Thursday, November 17, 2011

Are We Still There? Wizard City Sure Needs Us.

           You know, I've only actually posted here once before this, but this is important.

           Has anyone but me noticed that WCP has gone silent. I mean sure, everyone is trying to help out on there own I'm sure, but as a group.....silent. As I post this, I'm sitting in the Commons, listening to the foul, inappropriate, flat out messed up comments that go on there. I'm telling you, It's Getting Worse. It's a shame, so many people, ruining this awesome game.I don't get what people wish to gain from their immaturity, but I certainly don't see anything but harm and future regret. What's to gain from boy/girlfriends in an online game? Why are people so personal in their conversations? These people aren't your family, and they're certainly not your friends either. Why do people delight in cursing people out? Apparently they enjoy it so much, they'll work around the chat filters and risk getting punished to do so. What's wrong with them? I wish I knew. If anything, we need to be out there trying harder than ever before to make a difference. I hope no one's embarrassed at being in the WCP, otherwise just leave. We need to be bold, not only as individuals, but as a team. We need to work together like we used to. We need to protect the inocent wizards, the one's that don't want to hear this trash. So, I challenge you guys, Are You Ready To Get Back Out There?!

              I am 100% serious about all of this. I hope you guys, especially the WCP leaders, get where I'm coming at. I encourage you leaders, get us back together again! We need a good strong hand to rise us back up to protect the Commons. Of course, the actual members need to work hard too! I hope this post inspired a few of you, and I hope you listen

See you in the Spiral!
Happy Gaming!

Wcp should still keep blogging- the awesome necromancer

hey guys it be the awesome necromancer, been a long time since we blog, so i wanna give this message to  the wcp crew to keep blogging plz, i will join in too, XD if yo do well ty. but here my blog

there a  idea i have for the wcp edward and blaze so email me and say if yo think yo will do ita

. get a new color- blue and black
  blue- the fight of evil and bad language

 black- no violent, no bullying

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Wizardcity protector squad idea

hey guys. i got a whole idea. how bout we give the wcp a pass word so we know some one didnt hack them  cause usually people get hack :P leave a comment below if yo think it a good idea

Friday, October 21, 2011

Spooktacular Spiral Live Episode 6

Make sure to listen in to a very spooky Spiral Live episode 6 tomorrow :) Get your spook on for a after party with Blaze and Nick! All the fun starts:

October 22, 2011 (Tomorrow) at:

  • 8:30 EST
  •  7:30 CST
  • 6:30 MST
  • 5:30 PST
Join us on the Spiral Live Blog or our Livestream.

Cya there!!!

Sunday, October 16, 2011

New Updates Coming Soon

Hey guys. Blaze Shadowhorn here. We will be having tons of new updates soon so if you still believe we can make a difference (which you should) then keep up the good work in the Spiral!

-Blaze Shadowhorn
WCP Head

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

New WCP Picture Coming Soon!

Hey guys! Blaze here. So i'm working on an epic picture/ header for the WCP and its gonna be epic! If your not in the picture sorry because you weren't there that day. I hope you all enjoy the rest of your week!

Blaze Shadowhorn
WCP Head

Sunday, September 25, 2011

The Big Surprise Is Out!!!

WOOT!!!! The big surprise that Nick and I released on Spiral Live has gone viral! So you know how the Spiral Live website was on Wix,.. Well now we have moved it to blogger! That's right, now the official Spiral Live website is on blogger. Nick and I spent countless hours making sure it was amazing and we really hope you enjoy it as much as we do. My favorite part is the Fan Art page just because it looks so epic! We also have  a forum and a music page where you can listen to music created by myself and Nick. We have the Friendly Intro on that page. So please check it out and follow it and leave a comment in the forum under guestbook.  Here is the link - Also HUGE props to John Spiritshade from Ambrose2Zeke because he created our amazing background!

Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoy the Spiral Live blog as much as we do,

Friday, September 16, 2011

Edward leave again for 2 weeks ( or during halloween )

guys. edward said he willl stop playing wizard101 and blogging from a while :( here what he said:


Hello Wizards,

I hate to tell you this, but I will be away from Wizard101 and Blogging for a little while.
 I have a lot of things going on, and I can't blog as much or get on Wizard101 as much as I did before.
 I can't make this blog post very long because I am busy right now. 
I will try to be back in 2 weeks. If I am not back before then, I will be back on Halloween. 
I don't want to leave that long, but I really wanted to tell you before I went away a while. 
I can't wait to get back on Wizard101 and Blogging again, so until then, have a good time in the Spiral!

~ Edward Lifegem

Thursday, September 15, 2011

The Awesome House contest

hey guys. we having a house contest so say yay. who ever beat my house look by just sending me some pictures by um um :P  sending video response to me by this  channel and video response one of the video

also look at this  video that will allow you to response on you tube or you can watch my you tube video and btw i level 38 and need more help leveling up and beating mooshu lol


Saturday, September 10, 2011

Follow Up on WCP Upgrade post (by Blaze)

This is a follow-up post to Awesome Necro's WCP Upgrade post. This is by Blaze Shadowhorn. 
Please note that you can not make or declare changes in the WCP without mine and Ed's approval. If you want to change something, just contact either me or Ed and we will discuss it with you. Remember the following, nothing changes without both mine and Ed's approval. This means BOTH Ed and I have to approve it for it to be added or changed. 

Please don't post that you are making changes because it wont happen without consult. Thanks for the interest but chances of your color change thing is not going to happen. The colors are Green and Black and that's that. We highly encourage feedback from all of you WCP and what you want to see happen with the group etc. 

Thanks for reading this :)
-Blaze Shadowhorn
WCP Head

wizard city protector squad upgrade coming out ( thinking of ideas )

hey guys. we gonna upgrade the wizard city protector squad. and we coming up ideas.
most likely is change our dress code to a better one like gray and red
and a building will be full of security stuff. if you contact us we may help you on these stuff :p

and if all of these list below happens, this may be the key of wizard city protector squad success

things we need:

change color code to gray and red or can be black and red.

need a building full of sercuity like a massive that we have 3 jails cell
and a office.

a room full of tables for a meeting.

and most fortunly for some people: member ship so we can get the person in a spot that we cant go to
witch i have

:) also  1 of our upgraded leader is edward lifegem

Sunday, September 4, 2011


Hey guys! Blaze Shadowhorn here XD

So I added a new thing to the toolbar caller "Contributors/Authors". Basically it is a list of all the contributors/authors on the WCP blog. Here is a run down of the "Contributors/Authors" section:

Aaron Starheart

If you would like to be a contributor, please contact me (Blaze Shadowhorn) at 

Remember that this is for Wizard City Protectors info only. So if your in the WCP and want to be an author here, just shoot me an email and I will add you to the list :)

Saturday, September 3, 2011


hey guys, some of you saying the wizard city protector squad is bad.

well we not.

i: we just wizard101 game how kingsisle want it, witch is: a fun and safe site

and what he meant about safe is no cursing or doing bad stuff for it

plz be good and help us win this battle bewteen good and bad

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Why I joined

Let me tell you something. I the first week of joining. I got sent some hate mail from a fan of the Stormed Youth. I then found myself a "rebel" and honestly, I like it. If I take the ratio of hate mail to helping people out is around 10:1. It's worth it bottom line. I joined because even though I get sent hate mail, get false-reported, and get LOADS of criticism, in the end, helping making Wizard101 a family game as it was intended to be, it worth it. I honestly love everything about WCP. In my perspective, KI is doing loads to help W101 and our job, now with the no-caps fix, and removing even more words, It helps, but then again, restricts the usage. Before you know it, there will be realms were you can only use Speech Chat (The basic, non-typing one) and you can only use around 50 words! No social communication whats-so-ever. I have come up with some family-friendly changes. C'mon. Make the change.

  • Use Darn, Drat, Ugh, or even grrrrr instead of foul language
  • Please, NEVER fall for a gift me and I'll gift you scam. I myself when I was a new player (Not a N00B, Don't use that either!) got scammed. Try not to scam other either.
  • Once again, don't use the term N00B or any put-downs
  • Seriously, Why WC? If you really want to scam because you have to, do it somewhere in DS so all the experts can ignore you!

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Why does WCP Exist?

Well, I know there have been a lot of "problems" with situations over this vigilant group in the past. I know that a lot don't like this group because they have heard so many bad things about it which aren't true at all. I usually don't do blog posts on here because for a matter of time I was thinking that Wizard City Protectors would only get in trouble if we ever did start trying to help. First of all, the reason the group was made is because there are a lot of people that do use a lot of bad language the first few seconds you get in the commons. One thing I don't understand though is, why can't we remind them the game is family friendly? Wcp doesn't usually report, and I don't like the report option that much. Let me just say, when you give someone a warning, a lot of times they do learn from their mistakes and they won't do it again. If you report someone, its kind of a harsh warning. That's another situation we had over the Wcp, about the reporting. We have a lot of people in this group. Allowing 40+ people to report one person is a ban. Another situation we had was that some people got mad at us and put rude things, that weren't true on the Wizard101 wall. 3 of us were muted, and were in trouble because we were trying to help. I don't think the wcp is a bad idea at all, no matter if a few don't like the group at all. I am speaking to everyone, don't judge something you don't know much about. A few things I have noticed just from the last couple of days in the commons, is it gets worse each day. I know kingsisle does their best to try to keep the game family friendly - what I mentioned in my blog post on the 28th- Kingsisle might be too busy to try to help the situation though. If you were to make a group to try to help something that you really do care about, would you let someone destroy it when they know nothing about it? Let me say the group probably wouldn't exist, if, you went through the commons and didn't hear any of this bad stuff. That's not it though, you go through the commons a couple of seconds and you hear a lot, and younger players play this game. To tell the truth, no one wants to hear any of the bad things some have to say in the commons. I know I keep ranting about this group, but its something that I really do think is a good idea, no matter if Kingsisle doesn't allow them, or if some don't like the group- just because. When kingsisle said they don't allow groups, I am thinking of some of the bad "clans" in the game. I don't understand, we aren't allowed but they are? I don't know if kingsisle notices them though. I think a lot do know which "clan" I am talking about. I haven't had the wcp badge for a while until today. I decided, that even if we can't have the group, that does not mean we can't help the game as individuals. First of all, you guys who are very nice about this group, I really want to thank you for supporting. Those who don't like us for some reason, please give us a chance before you jump to conclusions. I think that its best to understand the group before going out there and yelling, THIS IS A BAD GROUP! If some are reading this and hate that the game is family friendly, not trying to be rude when I say this but, did you read that the game was family friendly before you even joined? Well that's all I have to say, thanks for reading!

~ Edward Lifegem

Saturday, August 20, 2011

My Outfit!

That's Me! I got all my things put together for this amazing Barbarian Adventure outfit for the WCP! I also changed my badge to Wizard City Protector! I am a full member now! Tell me if I should change anything or not. AND, I have a quick question to the admin, when are we taking a group picture to update the header picture?


Friday, August 19, 2011

david soulcaster birthday party at september 5

hey guys. david soulcaster here and i wanna show you some thing, you see in 17 days  in louisanna time where i live is my birthday so i wanna have the best birthday every so   email this email if you got any of these job you want to do and it tell where we all meet for it

1. record for youtube in a massive, a cl house  witch got a pvp ring, or a sultans

3.  ( lots of people can do this one)   invite people for it

where: commons,wu,september 5 in usa date at 5:00 or 400 through 8:00

  and  i gonna be there also think the party not of my birthday party but to celebrate the wcp and i know that when my birthday but let think it as a wcp celebrate party

Firezilla (Me!) Joins!

Hey Guys! It's Firezilla here from the Stormed Youth! I really don't have much to say at this point but I am the newest member at this time and hope to be able to share and contribute to the amazing site they have running here! I hope to post more in the coming future!


Saturday, August 13, 2011

Edward Lifegem- WCP and WAC

Hey Everyone!

This is Edward Lifegem, and its my first time posting on the Wizard City Protector blog. I decided to post about how good Wizard City Protectors and Wac really is. They are both great groups that help the game be more family friendly than it is right now. I think we all can agree that the game doesn't seem family friendly. If you run through the commons- I am sure this is with any area now- you will hear foul language, or bullying the second you get there. Now, this is one reason I wanted the Wizard City Protectors to be a group on Wizard101. The matter of the bad apples, or bad wizards in a bunch. The reason I haven't really been representing Wizard City Protectors lately is mostly because I don't want anyone to get in trouble from the bad wizards in the commons. Anyways, what I am saying is, Wcp and Wac are great groups, and I know Kingsisle doesn't approve of groups in the game, but there is this "clan" and they have not got in trouble for as long as they have been causing trouble there in the game. Why should wcp or wac get in trouble? Who knows, but I do hope that the game is family friendly like its supposed to be. I am sure a lot of wizards are quitting each day due to bullying on the game or being called rude names- bad words. If we can't do anything about it, I hope Kingsisle does- Since they did say the game is supposed to be family friendly. I think that its time for someone to step up against all of the bad language and all on the game. Why can't wcp and wac step up? I think we should still keep up the Wcp and wac, but not as a group, more like friends trying to help. I hope that one day kingsisle will realize that the game does need help, and if no one helps, guess what will happen? The game will be overrun by a bunch of trolls and gobblers. Well that's it for this blog post. Oh and I would like to thank all of you for supporting the Wcp blog. You guys are awesome!

~ Edward Lifegem

Monday, August 1, 2011

~Yesterdays Drama~

1st off let me apologize for what went down yesterday. Some people in the Spiral were going against the WCP escpecially a good friend of mine but then quickly changed his mind and realized what we were doing is good. 

I believe this whole conflict could have been prevented if I was at my house to read all the stuff and comments but I wasn't due to being with family. Instead I had eyes and ears outside who were telling me what was going on and I spoke through them. I am speaking of Nicholas Lionrider. 

I am truly sorry to those to who don't believe in the WCP or don't support us. Even if you don't support us, we are still going to help better the Wizard101 community no matter what! Even if everyone hates us for it and KI doesn't approve of it, we are still going to fight for what we believe is right. Yesterday, I had Nick quote me on something. It went like this:
"We, the WCP are help for the community. We are protecting in our own way. We are decreasing the language that has been used. Even if we only stop 1 or 2 people from using language that's still helping the environment. Blaze ShadowHorn."

Like honestly; If we only prevent one person, they can stop another due to a cause and effect. One person decides to use bad language and another starts. If one stops then others will hopefully stop as well. Even if they don't, it is still one less person using bad language in-game.

Here is a comment Nicholas Lionrider wrote yesterday. It got very high praise from DeathyWiz (Justin Shadowblade) and Jason Storm (Wizard101 Press):
"I am sorry if you don't think we are being correct or anything but We have never impersonated anyone. There are only a few of us and we are all well respected. We want to help Wizard101 whether KI approves us or not. We had a bad reputation do to a few rude, mean wizards. And they thought that letter was fake. It wasn't. But we really don't care if it did. If KI knew us it would be cool but its not important. Its Important to know we don't work for KI, we aren't a profit group we do this group to help wizards like you. Idk why some wizards think its alright to swear cause its not. Since its family friendly. We haven't reported anyone yet. And I am certain of that. Like the fake Icy person its not really us. We haven't reported anyone some people might be reporting you after you swore and when we tell you its a family friendly game you think we reported you when we didn't. But that shouldn't matter if you swear or curse and you get reported it doesn't matter who reports you as long as you realize what you did and why you got that punishment. Nicholas LionRider" 

I hope all you who stood against us will now stand with us. I also hope you know where we are coming from now. Thank you for reading this post and I hope that there will be a change someday :)

Saturday, July 30, 2011

~WCP Back In Business ~

Hellooooo WCP Peoples! Blaze Shadowhorn here! Well the Wizard City Protectors are back in buisness!!! Hence the title of this post. Well Yesterday, most of the WCP had a meeting to discuss the recreation of the WCP. We discussed new changes in the group and how things will work more smoothly such as  a bigger and more stronger group to help protect the Spiral from "Trolls" and un-friendly Wizards. We decided to form a ranking system. This helps coordinate the group and make it run more smoothly :) Bellow is the ranking system etc. If your not on just let me know and I will add you.

~New Podcast Going Live Soon~

Introducing.... Spiral Live!!! Well I have teamed up with Nicholas Lionrider,, and a fellow WCP member to bring you Wizards a new live Podcast! It will go air soon. We are still deep in thought etc. We are planing for Saturday nights. It will be awesome! We will have guest hosts, weekly topics, and a new blog of the week segment! Thats a good way to get all you new bloggers a start in the blogosphere :)

More info to come but until then, Peace!

Here is the link to Nicks post on the Podcast:
Click Here 

Also to be a guest host you must have a skype.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Happy Birthday Ed!!!

Happy Birthday to you; happy birthday to you; happy birthday dear Edwarddddddd.... Haaappy birthdayyyy, toooooo youuuuuuu *crowd cheers!!!*

Well I have known Ed for a while. He was with me ever since the beginning. There is a famous quote from "A Tale of Two Cities", a book I read this year and it goes like this - "It was the best of times, it was the worst of times." Basically Ed and I have been through so much together you wouldn't even know. As the quote says, we have been each other in the best of times (Ed's 100th follower, my parties) and the worst of times (WCP controversy).

Ed, since your reading this probably, I just want to say thanks for all the amazing times we have had and I hope we have many more in the future :)

Here is a video dedicating your birthday and our friendship. This goes back to the way way beginning when I met you at my 100th post party :)

I have one last thing to say... Happy Birthday Ed :)
Your BFF/bro always,
-Blaze :)

Monday, July 25, 2011

Edward Lifegem Returns!!!

Yay!!! Ed is coming in 2 days!!! This is like amazing news and I am soooooooooooo excited to see him :D Make sure to say hi to Ed and wish him a Happy Birthday. Here is what Ed posted on Twitter:

 Edward Lifegem 

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Edward Lifegem

Edward Lifegem:

I could go on and on and on for a long time. Ed has been my closest friend ever since I met him. He has been so kind to me. He is like a brother to me. Recently he made a post and tweeted a few times that he was quitting Wizard101 and blogging. I was very distressed when I heard this because like I would loose my best friend (although I have many best friends who I won't name because this post is dedicated to Ed). This all happened due to a very very very well-known blogger thinking the letter from KingsIsle regarding the Wizard City Protectors (WCP) was forged. He sent a letter to a member of the WCP regarding that. The WCP person sent it to Ed and Ed got very sad that someone thought this.

After that, Ed declared that he was quitting blogging and Wizard101 forever... ;( He was convinced yesterday by an anonymous WCP to re-join Wizard101. Ed doesn't play as much like once in a blue moon but he canceled his Birthday Party and the WCP (which other wcp are trying to fix).

We as a community hope to see Ed more often. Ed, since your prob reading this, I hope to see you in the Spiral as much as I used to and you leaving would devastate the whole spiral.

I can't stop Ed from quitting Wizard101 but I can try to keep him with us and to keep him as long as possible.

Ed this is how close we were the day we met... I hope we stay like this for years to come:

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Hanging With Edward Winterflame in Wu

Hey guys! Blaze Shadowhorn here XD
So a few days ago I dropped by in Wu to check up on the commons. This was all after the United We Stand tournament. So a few minutes in I heard someone call my name. I looked around for that person but instead of me finding them, they found me. The Wizard I met was Edward Winterflame. He is an avid WCP supporter and when I told him I would be making a blog post about us meeting up he was like sure!

Well we had a fun time hanging out and chatting but then I had to go :( Had work to take care of. Well here is a picture I took of the 2 of us. BTW he is on the right of me ;P

Monday, July 18, 2011

WCP Picture

Hey guys! Blaze here. So a few days ago, many of us WCP met in the commons on a last minute notice to take a group photo. I took a few Pictures and so did Ed. Ed's is the header cause I forgot to use full screen. 

We had an amazing time taking these but seriously... Has it ever taken you a good 10-20 minutes to line up 15 Wizards for a picture. All we did was line up in an aarow ;P So yea it was cool. Here are the photos I took:

WCP header

Sunday, July 17, 2011

becoming a protector

Hey guys it's brahm. I wanted to tell you that I am one of the wizard city protectors now. I am going to enjoy help saving the spiral from what other evil is coming.
I want to give a special thanks to blaze for accepting me into this awesome group. If anyone is a death and needs some help email me at Bye.

Friday, July 15, 2011

The Elementalist is in the House!

            Heya! Mark StormHunter here. If you don't already know me, you can find my blog over at The Elementalists. I also help run Stormed Youth, well, since yesterday. Now, I am glad to help out The Wizard City Protectors! I am (obviously) a member, and I love the group!(although oddly i am not in the header picture lol) I love being able to make somewhat of a difference in the Spiral! (besides already defeating Malistaire and already saving it. But is that enough? Heck no!) My thanks to Blaze for allowing me to be here, and thanks to Edward Lifegem for starting WCP (without him, none of us would be at this blog right now). I can't wait to experience all that waits in store for the Wizard City Protectors!

See you in the Spiral!
Happy Gaming!

Talon Thunderblade is Back in Black I mean Red!

    Hey WCP! It's The Heroic Pyromancer, Talon Thunderblade, and Blaze gave the position of author! (So did Nicholas.) So I'll so be doing go to the spiral and blogosphere by protectoing and drawing wizards. So I just dropped by to say hi. (That rhymed XD) Ok most of you guys know as me as The Heroic Pyromancer. Well enough about me, this site will update its' life of protecting Wizard City! We definitely don't need those trolls and even gobblers to collide us. They are not permitted in WC at all! And when those lower levels need help beating a boss  and whatnot, we will always, always help them. That is our job, our purpose. We will distingush and banish those evils from the underworld. But we don't report. Here is a snippet of what KI said,

"I'm sure everything will work out. In fact keep up the Wcp, it sounds like a great group."

In other words, KI approves it. Please join us and defend and help us! Look at us happy wizards!

We can change the Spiral in a good way! Who established WCP? Edward Lifegem! Ed is an awesome theurgist that has a great blog! Listen to this music video by Bridgit Mendler that sings that we can change the world, well the spiral. For the last time, please join this fantastic group.


Thursday, July 14, 2011

Nicholas LionRider

Hi my name is Nicholas LionRider and I am also going to be posting on behalf of the WCP. I have got to know everyone in the group and have been really inspired to continue to do this for the community. I am a level 60 Pyromancer who has several pets (most either helephants or helephant hybrids). I own a blog called LionRider King which has grown very popular and I am trying to root for at least 50 followers by the end of this year. I have been muted in this group, but I don't care. Just because a few people want to report us and get us muted does not mean that I will stop. I hope more people will join and here's a tip to all of my fellow Wizard City Protectors if you ever get muted, don't have a subscription or just can't report and none of the reporters are around always take a screen shot. This helped my the other day at a party that got out of control when a few misguided wizards began to curse. I took a screen shot and sent it to Edward Lifegem a fellow WCP (I say fellow since he doesn't like to be called a leader) and the group's creator who then sent the time, date and where this happened to KI who will probably look it over and check the chat logs. This tip can help and is effective. Until then see you in the spiral.

~Letter From KingsIsle Approving The WCP~

Hey guys! Well I was informed by Ed that KI approved us! Here is the letter:

Thank you for contacting Wizard101 Customer Support. We launched a full investigation into your concern and we found no issue with anything you were doing while in the commons. We recommend that you simply ignore these others as Wizard101 Staff Wizards will NEVER take any action against your account unless you're doing something wrong. Don't let them get to you and please report them if they use inappropriate language or bully you in game. We'll review those logs and take action if we need to. Please, continue to enjoy the game and I'm sure that everything will work out. In fact keep up the WCP, it sounds like a great group. Tell your brother we enjoyed watching his Youtube page and reading his blog.
The Senior Wizards
KingsIsle Support

Patrolling Wu today

Hey guys! Blaze here. So today here is what happened:
Ed, Kevin, Autumn, Malissa and I patrolled Wu. We had a group meeting and we all agreed that the colors should be re-changed to Dark Green with Black Trim. We also came up with the positions of everyone in their jobs. Here is the list (for now. will probably be changed):

  • Kevin and I are the reporters. We are the ones who report the Wizards using inappropriate language etc. 
  • Everyone else is look-out. If you find someone who is using language tell either, Ed, Kevin or I and we will determine if they should be reported. PLEASE don't report anyone. That is mine and Kevin's job. IF you find someone that YOU want to report please consult Ed, Kevin or I and we will say yes or no. BTW if any of the 3 of us aren't on, you can report them but first tell them to please stop and if they say no, walk away and report them. 
Now that we are done with that, I want to discuss who the head of the group is (even if you already know). The head of the WCP is Edward Lifegem (Ed). He is the one who is in charge. I am the Co-Head. I technically came up with the idea for the WCP but Ed followed through with it. 

I am going to consult with Ed about weekly meetings. We would all gather at my house to discuss how the week went and what we need to improve etc. Meetings would take place at my house (Sultans Palace) and after the meeting we could do some PvP :)

Anyways, this is the end of this post so Cya in the the Spiral! 
-Blaze Shadowhorn

Oh and BTW you probably have seen the current header picture. Well it is going to change  once we take a group picture. The picture will be the header. Also if you want to be an author for the blog, Send me an email at You would be able to write posts for the blog. We have 3 authors so far.

Cya in the Spiral (or at the next meeting) and I look forward to meeting you all and getting to add you :)
Stay safe and remember, Keep our favorite game Family Friendly :)

Oh and BTW I forgot to mention that we have gotten 14 followers already! This is just in 1 day! XD


Hey guys! Blaze Shadowhorn here. Well if your on this blog it's because you either are a Wizard City Protector or you support them. We would highly appreciate you following our blog and also if you want to be an admin, email me at and tell me you want to be an admin. I need your email to make you an admin. Thanks for viewing the WCP blog and CITS!
Blaze Shadowhorn