Thursday, November 17, 2011

Are We Still There? Wizard City Sure Needs Us.

           You know, I've only actually posted here once before this, but this is important.

           Has anyone but me noticed that WCP has gone silent. I mean sure, everyone is trying to help out on there own I'm sure, but as a group.....silent. As I post this, I'm sitting in the Commons, listening to the foul, inappropriate, flat out messed up comments that go on there. I'm telling you, It's Getting Worse. It's a shame, so many people, ruining this awesome game.I don't get what people wish to gain from their immaturity, but I certainly don't see anything but harm and future regret. What's to gain from boy/girlfriends in an online game? Why are people so personal in their conversations? These people aren't your family, and they're certainly not your friends either. Why do people delight in cursing people out? Apparently they enjoy it so much, they'll work around the chat filters and risk getting punished to do so. What's wrong with them? I wish I knew. If anything, we need to be out there trying harder than ever before to make a difference. I hope no one's embarrassed at being in the WCP, otherwise just leave. We need to be bold, not only as individuals, but as a team. We need to work together like we used to. We need to protect the inocent wizards, the one's that don't want to hear this trash. So, I challenge you guys, Are You Ready To Get Back Out There?!

              I am 100% serious about all of this. I hope you guys, especially the WCP leaders, get where I'm coming at. I encourage you leaders, get us back together again! We need a good strong hand to rise us back up to protect the Commons. Of course, the actual members need to work hard too! I hope this post inspired a few of you, and I hope you listen

See you in the Spiral!
Happy Gaming!

Wcp should still keep blogging- the awesome necromancer

hey guys it be the awesome necromancer, been a long time since we blog, so i wanna give this message to  the wcp crew to keep blogging plz, i will join in too, XD if yo do well ty. but here my blog

there a  idea i have for the wcp edward and blaze so email me and say if yo think yo will do ita

. get a new color- blue and black
  blue- the fight of evil and bad language

 black- no violent, no bullying