Saturday, July 30, 2011

~WCP Back In Business ~

Hellooooo WCP Peoples! Blaze Shadowhorn here! Well the Wizard City Protectors are back in buisness!!! Hence the title of this post. Well Yesterday, most of the WCP had a meeting to discuss the recreation of the WCP. We discussed new changes in the group and how things will work more smoothly such as  a bigger and more stronger group to help protect the Spiral from "Trolls" and un-friendly Wizards. We decided to form a ranking system. This helps coordinate the group and make it run more smoothly :) Bellow is the ranking system etc. If your not on just let me know and I will add you.


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  2. Perfect proof right there, if you want to "protect" Wizard City you would know the rights of wizards and I have a right to speak out. Removing my comment is sure measure that you are giving out false information :) If I am correct, I don't think KingsIsle would appreciate seeing a bunch of kids announcing that they are official :)

  3. @Nightmaress, may I copy and paste your comment on my blog as a Right and Wrong Post? Thank You.

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  4. And if WCP romoves Nightmaress comment that is meaning you are NOT protecting Wizard City, because all Wizards are allowed to speak out, along as the comment does not use foul language. I am still on the "Good" side of WCP but you guys are getting a bad wrap. And you guys posted about (which you dint have to!) that letter, so everyone knows. Don't say a random person that ruined WCP because it was you guys killing yourself, suicide.

  5. We, the WCP are help for the community. We are protecting in our own way. We are decreasing the language that has been used. Even if we only stop 1 or 2 people from using language that's still helping the environment. Blaze ShadowHorn.

  6. Hey guys. I strongly support what you're trying to accomplish here. Really, this game is supposed to be fun and friendly. Let's face it, some people that play aren't fun and friendly. Thanks for helping out the Wizard101 community.
    I would also love to join the WCP. I'm on Wizard101 a lot, and I'm a level 25 ice named Mackenzie Beartalon. Thanks, Kenzie

  7. I see what happened on this post. I see a lot of people do strongly disagree about the Wizard city Protectors. If you disagree I am sorry, We all want you to know that we did NOT create this group just to annoy anyone. If it was a bad group, it would be called wizard city not protectors right? Now, for those thinking we are a bad group, I hope you do understand we aren't at all. Now, If you ask me, people getting bullied in the game they love, and being called bad language is something that is not tolerated. If you ask me, we are all standing up for something we believe in. If you don't believe it, I am sorry, but we are still going to try our best to help out the game we love. If you think we hate this game, and want to ruin it reporting: Wrong. Most of us are bloggers of the game, and we believe that the game is supposed to be family friendly like kingsisle says. If you think saying a bunch of bad words around kids is right, well I have nothing to say about that. One thing we believe is that its not right to say bad language around kids. If you think we are kids, its okay, because we are standing up so everyone gets the image that there is not supposed to be bad language or bullying in the game. Now, a couple of seconds walking through the commons is enough for me, and I am sure its enough for everyone hearing bad language. I don't agree to this, and I am sure wcp doesn't either. Now, instead of you only having the right to speak, give us the right to speak too. Thank you.

  8. ya edward right i: we help people and try getting the fun and friendly so be nice or else some thing bad gonna happen to you so if you think we a bad group well the time have came that you will hate and get mad


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