Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Why does WCP Exist?

Well, I know there have been a lot of "problems" with situations over this vigilant group in the past. I know that a lot don't like this group because they have heard so many bad things about it which aren't true at all. I usually don't do blog posts on here because for a matter of time I was thinking that Wizard City Protectors would only get in trouble if we ever did start trying to help. First of all, the reason the group was made is because there are a lot of people that do use a lot of bad language the first few seconds you get in the commons. One thing I don't understand though is, why can't we remind them the game is family friendly? Wcp doesn't usually report, and I don't like the report option that much. Let me just say, when you give someone a warning, a lot of times they do learn from their mistakes and they won't do it again. If you report someone, its kind of a harsh warning. That's another situation we had over the Wcp, about the reporting. We have a lot of people in this group. Allowing 40+ people to report one person is a ban. Another situation we had was that some people got mad at us and put rude things, that weren't true on the Wizard101 wall. 3 of us were muted, and were in trouble because we were trying to help. I don't think the wcp is a bad idea at all, no matter if a few don't like the group at all. I am speaking to everyone, don't judge something you don't know much about. A few things I have noticed just from the last couple of days in the commons, is it gets worse each day. I know kingsisle does their best to try to keep the game family friendly - what I mentioned in my blog post on the 28th- Kingsisle might be too busy to try to help the situation though. If you were to make a group to try to help something that you really do care about, would you let someone destroy it when they know nothing about it? Let me say the group probably wouldn't exist, if, you went through the commons and didn't hear any of this bad stuff. That's not it though, you go through the commons a couple of seconds and you hear a lot, and younger players play this game. To tell the truth, no one wants to hear any of the bad things some have to say in the commons. I know I keep ranting about this group, but its something that I really do think is a good idea, no matter if Kingsisle doesn't allow them, or if some don't like the group- just because. When kingsisle said they don't allow groups, I am thinking of some of the bad "clans" in the game. I don't understand, we aren't allowed but they are? I don't know if kingsisle notices them though. I think a lot do know which "clan" I am talking about. I haven't had the wcp badge for a while until today. I decided, that even if we can't have the group, that does not mean we can't help the game as individuals. First of all, you guys who are very nice about this group, I really want to thank you for supporting. Those who don't like us for some reason, please give us a chance before you jump to conclusions. I think that its best to understand the group before going out there and yelling, THIS IS A BAD GROUP! If some are reading this and hate that the game is family friendly, not trying to be rude when I say this but, did you read that the game was family friendly before you even joined? Well that's all I have to say, thanks for reading!

~ Edward Lifegem

Saturday, August 20, 2011

My Outfit!

That's Me! I got all my things put together for this amazing Barbarian Adventure outfit for the WCP! I also changed my badge to Wizard City Protector! I am a full member now! Tell me if I should change anything or not. AND, I have a quick question to the admin, when are we taking a group picture to update the header picture?


Friday, August 19, 2011

david soulcaster birthday party at september 5

hey guys. david soulcaster here and i wanna show you some thing, you see in 17 days  in louisanna time where i live is my birthday so i wanna have the best birthday every so   email this email if you got any of these job you want to do and it tell where we all meet for it

1. record for youtube in a massive, a cl house  witch got a pvp ring, or a sultans

3.  ( lots of people can do this one)   invite people for it

where: commons,wu,september 5 in usa date at 5:00 or 400 through 8:00

  and  i gonna be there also think the party not of my birthday party but to celebrate the wcp and i know that when my birthday but let think it as a wcp celebrate party

Firezilla (Me!) Joins!

Hey Guys! It's Firezilla here from the Stormed Youth! I really don't have much to say at this point but I am the newest member at this time and hope to be able to share and contribute to the amazing site they have running here! I hope to post more in the coming future!


Saturday, August 13, 2011

Edward Lifegem- WCP and WAC

Hey Everyone!

This is Edward Lifegem, and its my first time posting on the Wizard City Protector blog. I decided to post about how good Wizard City Protectors and Wac really is. They are both great groups that help the game be more family friendly than it is right now. I think we all can agree that the game doesn't seem family friendly. If you run through the commons- I am sure this is with any area now- you will hear foul language, or bullying the second you get there. Now, this is one reason I wanted the Wizard City Protectors to be a group on Wizard101. The matter of the bad apples, or bad wizards in a bunch. The reason I haven't really been representing Wizard City Protectors lately is mostly because I don't want anyone to get in trouble from the bad wizards in the commons. Anyways, what I am saying is, Wcp and Wac are great groups, and I know Kingsisle doesn't approve of groups in the game, but there is this "clan" and they have not got in trouble for as long as they have been causing trouble there in the game. Why should wcp or wac get in trouble? Who knows, but I do hope that the game is family friendly like its supposed to be. I am sure a lot of wizards are quitting each day due to bullying on the game or being called rude names- bad words. If we can't do anything about it, I hope Kingsisle does- Since they did say the game is supposed to be family friendly. I think that its time for someone to step up against all of the bad language and all on the game. Why can't wcp and wac step up? I think we should still keep up the Wcp and wac, but not as a group, more like friends trying to help. I hope that one day kingsisle will realize that the game does need help, and if no one helps, guess what will happen? The game will be overrun by a bunch of trolls and gobblers. Well that's it for this blog post. Oh and I would like to thank all of you for supporting the Wcp blog. You guys are awesome!

~ Edward Lifegem

Monday, August 1, 2011

~Yesterdays Drama~

1st off let me apologize for what went down yesterday. Some people in the Spiral were going against the WCP escpecially a good friend of mine but then quickly changed his mind and realized what we were doing is good. 

I believe this whole conflict could have been prevented if I was at my house to read all the stuff and comments but I wasn't due to being with family. Instead I had eyes and ears outside who were telling me what was going on and I spoke through them. I am speaking of Nicholas Lionrider. 

I am truly sorry to those to who don't believe in the WCP or don't support us. Even if you don't support us, we are still going to help better the Wizard101 community no matter what! Even if everyone hates us for it and KI doesn't approve of it, we are still going to fight for what we believe is right. Yesterday, I had Nick quote me on something. It went like this:
"We, the WCP are help for the community. We are protecting in our own way. We are decreasing the language that has been used. Even if we only stop 1 or 2 people from using language that's still helping the environment. Blaze ShadowHorn."

Like honestly; If we only prevent one person, they can stop another due to a cause and effect. One person decides to use bad language and another starts. If one stops then others will hopefully stop as well. Even if they don't, it is still one less person using bad language in-game.

Here is a comment Nicholas Lionrider wrote yesterday. It got very high praise from DeathyWiz (Justin Shadowblade) and Jason Storm (Wizard101 Press):
"I am sorry if you don't think we are being correct or anything but We have never impersonated anyone. There are only a few of us and we are all well respected. We want to help Wizard101 whether KI approves us or not. We had a bad reputation do to a few rude, mean wizards. And they thought that letter was fake. It wasn't. But we really don't care if it did. If KI knew us it would be cool but its not important. Its Important to know we don't work for KI, we aren't a profit group we do this group to help wizards like you. Idk why some wizards think its alright to swear cause its not. Since its family friendly. We haven't reported anyone yet. And I am certain of that. Like the fake Icy person its not really us. We haven't reported anyone some people might be reporting you after you swore and when we tell you its a family friendly game you think we reported you when we didn't. But that shouldn't matter if you swear or curse and you get reported it doesn't matter who reports you as long as you realize what you did and why you got that punishment. Nicholas LionRider" 

I hope all you who stood against us will now stand with us. I also hope you know where we are coming from now. Thank you for reading this post and I hope that there will be a change someday :)